Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Blessing in the Lesson, A Lesson in the Blessing!

"I didn't get it".  Those were the very words that my daughter, a senior in college, spoke from her heart.  You see, she had an interview to procure an internship with a major corporation and at the conclusion of the interview, she felt and truly believed deep down inside that the questions the interviewer asked her, she answered completely wrong.  I asked her this question; "Did you answer the questions truthfully and honestly"?  She assured me that she had.  I told her that there are no right or wrong answers if she answered each question from her own personal life experiences.  I then proceeded to write a small book with just one chapter in an effort to help her to see the blessing in the lesson.

I explained to my daughter very carefully that if she answered the questions according to her heart and what she knows, the wisdom and the knowledge bestowed upon her from on High then she did her very best in the interview. I also told her that if she answered the questions according to what she thought the woman wanted to hear, she may want to ask herself why even though we already know the answer, but she won't know the answer until she gets the results from the interview being either she gets the job or she doesn't.  I told her that she should try to clear her mind so that she can see the blessing in the lesson that she learned today, but what exactly is the lesson.  For my daughter, the lesson is the blessing that she was even granted an interview by this large corporation.  The interviewer was impressed with something that my daughter possesses and that alone speaks volumes about her. 

I told her that God is in control of her life and she should not beat herself up over the lesson in the blessing.  I went to say that she had already spoken into existence and really believed that she was not going to get that internship.  I told her to remove certain words from her vocabulary and to replace them with I will, I can, I shall, I claim it, I believe it and I receive it; otherwise, if she tells herself that she did not get the internship she will not have it!  We have to speak what we want and believe in our hearts so that we can have what our hearts truly do desire if we believe and have faith in Jesus.

After I wrote and closed the chapter to this book, my daughter hung up the phone feeling down, but I surmise that after a while, she will begin to realize that if she did her best, that was all she could do and that what God has for her, is truly for her and He does in deed have her best interest at heart.  That is better than any internship on the planet.  

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